Evolution Update

Evolution Update

Irma Shaboian


Irma is a lover of all things science and how they apply to humans.

Articles by Irma Shaboian

Researchers Suggest That the Introduction of Farming Brought About Changes in Human Genome
An analysis of ancient human DNA by scientists tracked the changes in DNA from when humans transitioned from a hunter-gatherer species to a farming one. The findings show that changes in diet, in addition to the new habitat landscapes, are associated with genes that account for height, vitamin D levels, and others.

Scientists Identify Pheromones That Elicits Sexual Response in Male Mice
Researchers develop a new technique that allowed them to elucidate the structure of two chemicals in female urine that were responsible for sexual interest and behaviour in male mice.

Dispersal of Early Hominin from a Topological Approach
The landscape of terrestrial surfaces is likely to be the driving force that led to bipedal locomotion of early humans and their dispersal from Africa.

Positive selection as an arms race for survival
Researchers find that disease-causing viruses puts pressure on primates to co-evolve with the virus to increase chances of survival.

Can STIs be beneficial?
A recently published review delves into whether sexually transmitted microbes provide advantages for its host and suggests the role that microbe diversity has in promoting promiscuous behaviour.

Essential Parts of Polar Bear Y-Chromosome Identified Using Evolutionary Analyses
Researchers decode Y-chromosome of polar bear and confirm its split from ancestors before the last glacial period.

Small Genetic Change in Gut Bacteria Responsible for Pneumonic Plague
Researchers find that acquisition of a new gene in gut bacteria gave way for first infecting the lungs before evolving into a deadly pathogen.

Current Metabolic Disorders Linked to Ancestral Undernourishment
Findings from a recent study identifies why individuals from developing countries are at a greater risk for obesity and type 2 diabetes than those in the West.

How the Hihi Bird Inadvertently Conserves its Genetic Diversity
Single male hihis contribute to population conservation and mitigate the effects of inbreeding by mating randomly with females.