Evolution Update

Evolution Update

Christopher Jenness

Editor in Chief

Christopher is a molecular biologist working to bring the exciting breakthroughs in evolutionary biology to non-scientists.

Articles by Christopher Jenness

Captive Breeding in Crocodiles and Points to a Way For Their Survival
The Cuban crocodile is critically endangered, but to what extent is the captive breeding program in Cuba helping prevent their potential extinction?

Vertebrate Head Evolution: Moving Around Common Building Blocks
By looking at cartilage formation in an organism closely related to vertebrates, scientists learn how vertebrates evolved their unique head structure.

Unattractive Males Should Be More Risky than Attractive Males
Modeling the evolution of risk-taking behaviors in males gives insight into how attractiveness affects behavior.

Are Animals Evolving Towards a Larger Body Size?
A comprehensive analysis of the fossil record reexamines a 19th century assumption.

Influenza Evolution Provides Framework for How to Control the Flu
By determining the genetic sequence of influenza viruses over a decade, scientists learn how the flu is evolving.